Day Care Programs In Norristown PA: Choosing Quality Child Care

For early Childhood education providers in Southwestern Pennsylvania, many who operate on shoe- string budgets, it’s a moral choice rather than a fiscal one to provide quality daycare services. For this reason, when choosing a day care Norristown, PA, center to have your children attend, it’s important to take in to consideration what services they provide.

According to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, only 23% of kids who go to public care subsidies attend a program that is listed as “high-quality”, an unfortunately sad truth for a lot of the children in low-income families. The quality of what care a child is brought up in has a huge impact on how they learn, how they communicate, and their ability to learn how to properly socialize at a young age. First things first, make a list of the things you want out of your childcare provider. Whether you want there to be teaching aspects to the daycare or a proper amount of one-on-one attention, like we do at The Willow School, your list will help you singularize which provider works best with your family come the time to choose. It’s also important to choose a child-care provider that allows for the amount of parent involvement that you see fit for your child. Some daycare’s have a strict regimen to parent involvement, others have looser rules, so choose accordingly.